This blog is a chance for us to tell our story and shine the light on the God who wrote it.

It is also a place for me to bring into the spotlight the millions of orphans around the world who are waiting for the Body of Christ to fulfill God's command to "care for orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27)

Soli deo Gloria... (All Glory to God Alone).


Dancing Now

Last week we found out we have TA (Travel Approval), and tomorrow we should know our travel dates and our consulate appointment. The time is near! We will be leaving soon to meet our precious daughter, whom God has birthed in our hearts, and bring her home to her new family.

We are beyond amazed that this part of the journey is nearly coming to an end. This is a day we have waited and longed for. And yet, I must confess that the excitement was mixed with a decent amount of worry and fear. Until today.

As it stands today, we are still short of the finances that we will need in order to be able to complete this adoption and travel to bring Mei home. Throughout most of this adoption, I have had a tremendous peace that God is going to provide everything we need. In our minds, the amount needed for an international adoption is astronomical- not something that we could even touch with good planning and control of our finances. Many would call us foolish for even beginning this adoption considering what appears to be a serious lack of resources on our part.

It has been a little scary, and many times we were found on our knees together crying out to God for guidance and direction. Lord, what do we do? Do you want us to fundraise? How will we get the finances to see this adoption through?

And every time He would give us an answer that was not what we expected and required far more faith than we thought we had. Usually it was somewhere along the lines of “Wait. Trust. Remain faithful to me.” We questioned again... so sure that we needed to “do more”. But whenever we asked, the “do more” turned out to be “keep giving... keep trusting.” His word was opened up to us in a way we have never ever experienced before, and we have clinged to His Words and sought Him desperately in prayer. And He has provided beyond our wildest dreams.

Yet here we are. Two weeks before we leave for China and, in our eyes, things are looking a little iffy. And I let the doubt come in. Perhaps we were being foolish? Perhaps we had heard him wrong. Maybe I should have grabbed on a little tighter, worried a little more, done more (even when I felt Him telling me to wait)--- And then the scariest of all was this little whisper in the back of my mind, “What if God is not who He says He is? What if you really can't be this free... this hopeful? What if He doesn't come through for you?”

But because my Father is so gracious and so very merciful, He has come and spoken to my heart again. And the doubt is gone, and quite frankly I want to laugh and dance and celebrate because I know my God is going to come through! And I want to write this now. When it is not done yet. Because I serve a God who has promised to see through to completion the things He has started. And all I want in the end is to be found faithful... to be found praising Him and giving thanks instead of giving in to the temptation to be anxious (Phil 4:6-7).

“Hope is the ability to hear the music in the future. Faith is dancing now.”

** Tomorrow I will share with you the specific scriptures that God has used to strengthen us as we wait upon Him. Crazy cool stuff that I never saw this way before the sermon this morning in church... Oh, how I pray that it will be an encouragement to you as you seek to be faithful in whatever God has called you to as well!


  1. Dancing with you my friend! Although I would bust out the cardboard for some break dancing if the future flights just so happened to stop by Korea too ;)

    Praying for you all and love you so much!

  2. kristi-
    now does this mean you would break dance AT the airport? cause i think we would have to make that korea stop happen if we were promised a break dancing routine by kristi!! seriously though, we will keep you informed as we have really been leaning toward that korea stop-- probably couldn't stay in the area really but a few hours at the airport and maybe, if it worked for your schedule, you could have lunch with us at the airport or something?? sure would love to see you!

  3. Haley!!! I'm SO excited for you and little Mei! What a blessing--wahoo!! I'm here in Maine (42 degrees BTW) dancin' in my sweat pants like a crazy fool over your joy! Put some serious smooching on those cheeks for me please!

  4. thanks, sharon! now i have a wonderful picture in my head of kristi breakdancing in korea and sharon dancing in her sweats in maine (which actually conjured up a strange image of richard simmons workout... sorry, you look NOTHING like him!). thanks for celebrating with us!