This blog is a chance for us to tell our story and shine the light on the God who wrote it.

It is also a place for me to bring into the spotlight the millions of orphans around the world who are waiting for the Body of Christ to fulfill God's command to "care for orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27)

Soli deo Gloria... (All Glory to God Alone).


Home! And some Reece's induced thoughts...

We're home!! We made it safely home Friday and oh, what a joy it was to introduce Mei Chara to her brothers and sister and other family and friends waiting for us at the airport.

I had a lovely post written in my head to share what it's been like to be home with Mei now. I wrote it around 2 am yesterday (or was it the night before?). It was all so lucid at that time, but my head hurt too much to write it down.

So right now all I can think of is that perhaps I ate too many Reece's pieces along with that great jambalya that Bobby made for us and that- mixed with the Benadryl and the four hours of sleep I've gotten the past two nights- has made me a little delirious. Which means I probably should not be posting anything on my blog right now. But many of you don't get to see this side of me, and I always say that I want to be 'real'.

We are so happy to be home. And the only word I can think of to explain how we feel right now is - "overwhelmed". Overwhelmed by God's graces... and all the people who prayed for us and supported us and gave us gift cards and food and took pictures at the airport. And here's a really cool grace that Scott and I calculated when we left Atlanta for our final flight home. We were thanking God for the presence of our cousin, Dell, at the airport the night before when we landed after our 14 hour flight (no, make that 15, since we 'circled' Atlanta for an hour due to storms. I'm telling you- that should be illegal. That whole 'circling' thing. I was personally willing to take the risk to land in the storm. But I digress...) So there was Dell with a huge smile, ready hug, and 2 cans of ginger ale and snacks for the weary travellers! (Apparently someone told her that I may or may not be throwing up so much I'd need a wheelchair.) Anyway, since she is a flight attendant she was able to meet us shortly after we deplaned and stayed with us the entire time going through customs and immigration and all that jazz (which is not a short process when you're bringing an adopted child into the country!)

Oh, and our calculations... we realized that out of 11 airport stops on this trip, we were only 'on our own' for 2 of them! I know that seems like a small thing, but for us it was just a glimpse of how God cared for even the details of our trip. Knowing how much we would be encouraged by seeing friends and family, especially when we were so travel weary.

And for the record- some of those airport experiences where we were not 'on our own' were when we were with a guide in China. I wanted to bring our last guide in Guangzhou home with us. I am telling you- this woman was on the ball. She checked us in at the airport, filled out our departure card (which we were supposed to have already done), and basically held our hands through the whole previous week in Guangzhou.

So back to being overwhelmed. Yes, we are primarily overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness.

Then there's also a sense of being overwhelmed by jet-lag-slash-apparently-i-have-FOUR-children-now. I did have this strange sense when we left the Gainesville airport as a family of six that someone should be coming with us... like a nanny or someone to help us. I thought, "Are they just going to let us walk away with all these kids? Do they really think we can handle this?" And apparently they did, because I tell you that every one of those people got in their cars and just drove away! I mean, originally, we'd said that it is best for bonding purposes for it to be just the six of us for a little while. But I didn't know what I was talking about.

Oh, and speaking of being overwhelmed-- I just have to tell you how very thankful we are for all our family (and friends!) who stepped in to take care of our other kids while we were gone. First there was my stepdad and my mom who took the kids to their house the first few days... well, it was supposed to be a few days except one of my children might or might not have caused an accident that resulted in my mother fracturing her kneecap and ending up with a big brace and on crutches.

Once that grandparent was down, the children were shipped on over to Scott's parents who jumped in to finish off that first weekend. Fortunately, they have no visible injuries from what I can see- although I know there are stories we have not heard.

And then there is "SuperMa", my stepmom-and-dear-friend, whom the kids call "Ma", who came from North Carolina to keep the kids for nearly two weeks here at our house. Not only did she feed, clothe, and bathe (as far as I know) our three children while we were gone, but I think she actually had a great time. They had many fun adventures, and in her spare time she managed to -

-figure out how to fix our comforter whose inner stuffing had gotten all screwed up in my attempt to wash it. As in, there were *large* balls of stuffing in several areas and no stuffing in most areas.

- cleaned the grime out of my sketchy refrigerator.

- accomplish several other housekeeping feats which I will not share because it would make me look bad.

That is all I have to share for now. Except this- did you know it was Christmas today?! Wow, that one hit me like a Mac truck. While this entire Advent and Christmas season will probably be my most memorable yet, I have to tell you that today- Christmas Day- will not be my most memorable. Simply because I do not know how much I will remember- being so sleep deprived and well, kinda overwhelmed. I probably won't even remember writing this post. And when I do discover it is here, I will probably delete it.

*Finally added some pics... I'll have some more soon of Mei's homecoming but for now I added pics of some of our 'airport angels'. God's little graces along the journey that were such a huge blessing to us! Scott is pictured with Lucas in Atlanta and then with Kristi in Seoul. A very, very tired mom and Mei pictured with cousin Dell in Atlanta. And, finally, Mei pictured with our fantastic guide in Guangzhou.*


  1. I've loved following your journey to bring precious Mei home! Looking forward to meeting her--maybe in a few months! For now, you get some rest and enjoy your bonding time. So happy for you and beautiful Mei!

  2. yes, we'd be thrilled for you to come meet Mei when you are in our area! praying for your family as you begin the journey to your son.