This blog is a chance for us to tell our story and shine the light on the God who wrote it.

It is also a place for me to bring into the spotlight the millions of orphans around the world who are waiting for the Body of Christ to fulfill God's command to "care for orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27)

Soli deo Gloria... (All Glory to God Alone).



We arrived in Shanghai last night! We had a bit of delay when we reached Seoul as we realized I was too sick to catch our next flight. For those who remember Scott carting me off in a wheelchair when we brought Beniam home... well, this was worse. Good times.

So we are super grateful for those who got Scott's facebook message and prayed for us. You will be happy to know that your prayers were answered! Primarily, in the form of Ms. Kristi Reinig. Kristi is a friend from home who has been living in Korea for the past few years and had arranged to meet us at the airport for what was supposed to be only a three hour layover. Once Scott was able to arrange for us to stay longer, Kristi jumped in and set us up in a hotel that she was familiar with. She was truly a godsend yesterday. She helped us contact our family back home as well as the guide who was to meet us in Shanghai. I have no idea how we would have done all that without Kristi!

So we have made it to Shanghai now. I have recovered nearly all the way, and we both slept very well last night. We met our guide, Stephanie, again this morning and she took us to some popular tourist sites here in Shanghai. Scott was so pleased because he was able to eat this dish that he had been wanting to try- it's like a dumpling with sweet pork inside. We both agreed it was fantastic!

We feel very comfortable here and are really enjoying Shanghai. The funniest and most unexpected thing that we have experienced so far was people wanting to take a picture of us while we were out touring. I wasn't expecting this, I suppose, since we are in the city. But our guide told us that the people that wanted pictures were visitors from other areas who had never seen young, white people. I felt like Mickey Mouse at Disney World at first when we posed with a little Chinese girl so her dad could take a photo!! Scott joked that we should smile alot when we were walking around because people kept covertly pulling out their cell phones and grabbing a 'secret' shot. I am not quite sure yet if this attention is because we are looked at like celebrities, being from America, or just plain weird, although Stephanie assures us it is the former!

Tomorrow is the day that we meet Mei Chara. I cannot believe the day is finally here! Please pray for us that we will have wisdom and love to know how to care for her if she is scared. We will share pictures as soon as we can!


  1. YAY! Glad you made it there in one piece. It really was great to see you all though. I didn't realize how much I missed you guys until I saw you all at the airport. You were such a blessing in my life when I lived in Gainesville I felt the least I could do was make you as comfortable as possible in my new home.
    SUPER excited for you to meet Mei. I hope the rest of your trip is truly memorable (in a good way). Love you all!

  2. So awesome! Tears will be in my eyes when I learn that she is in your arms! God is so good!