This blog is a chance for us to tell our story and shine the light on the God who wrote it.

It is also a place for me to bring into the spotlight the millions of orphans around the world who are waiting for the Body of Christ to fulfill God's command to "care for orphans and widows in their distress" (James 1:27)

Soli deo Gloria... (All Glory to God Alone).


More on Mei

I think I finally figured out why I keep avoiding writing a post about the past six weeks since Mei has been home. I really want to give everyone an update on her, but I am realizing that when I sit down to write it it is just too overwhelming to try to sum up all the things I want to share about her in one post.

In many ways it feels like Mei has been a part of our family forever. She really fits in so beautifully. But it can be messy, too, sometimes. My oldest son reminded me today that Mei's referral paperwork described her as "quiet and shy", and he wondered why she wasn't like that anymore! "Why does she screech all the time, Mom? It said she was quiet at the orphanage." I tried to explain that she is a toddler and she is overcoming some huge communication barriers. And sometimes the easiest way to do this is to scream.

Mostly, though, we are just loving watching the children each develop their own unique and loving relationship with their new sister. They love her so dearly and get the proudest smiles on their faces when I pick them up from school and Mei calls out their name with glee.

Mei loves to help Zoe with her homework

Isaac explains Star Wars legos characters to his attentive sister

Ben is thrilled Mei wants to squish in for a ride in the truck wagon with her big brother

Then there's Mei herself who is developing and growing and learning something new every three minutes! Honestly, we are just in total awe at how quickly she is learning new things. When she came home, she was not yet walking. Within three days she'd learned to walk. She was only speaking two or three Chinese words. Now she repeats two or three word sentences and understands a TON of what we say to her (in English, of course, which she has never before been exposed to!). Within a week of being home she learned to feed herself with a spoon. She is overcoming things that used to scare her. Like brushing her teeth or taking a bath. But the greatest fear she has conquered has been her serious dislike of taking her clothes off. She'd cry every time we changed her into new clothes and insist you get the new ones on quickly. Now she convinces her siblings to help her take her clothes off so she can run around in just her diaper! She gets the biggest smile and struts naked all over the house! Of course, her brothers and sister think it is a great show.

Mei is just precious. She is very loving and smothers me in her hugs and kisses every day. She has strong opinions about what she likes and dislikes. She is incredibly smart and curious. She loves to be independent and try new things on her own, but also loves to just be held by Scott and me.


  1. It's truly an honor to watch these children blossom into loving individuals, isn't it?

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  3. This all makes me smile from ear to ear Haley. It is so sweet to see how Isaac, Zoe and Benjam show their love to Mei. And what a beautiful thing that she is home, free to run around in her diaper joyfully screaming!!!